Will the Dacia Spring be deprived of ecological bonuses?

The Minister of Economy has announced that the bond will go down next year. Stricter criteria on the origin of cars could be added.

On September 26, the government presented the Finance Bill (PLF) 2023. The ecological transition plays a good role in it. In this way, the executive will continue to financially support the “greening” of the vehicle fleet. At this point, a budget of 1,300 million euros is foreseen.

However, the amounts of the ecological bonus will decrease. It’s not a surprise. Originally it was scheduled for July 1, 2022. But the Government has extended the aid in force for six months from July 1, 2021. Bruno Le Maire has thus confirmed that the maximum bonus will go from €6,000 to €5,000 in 2023. Minister of Economy did not go into the details of the scale, but this should be the end of the bonus on rechargeable hybrids.

On the other hand, during his presentation speech of the PLF, he hinted that criteria could be added on the origin of electric vehicles. He thus referred to the United States, which is about to establish aid for the purchase of electric vehicles produced in the US.

Bruno Le Maire said: “We must guarantee our fellow citizens that our bonus will go to vehicles produced in European territory or that strictly comply with the new environmental regulations.” The Minister is therefore playing the card of very broad protectionism!

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Already because the European rules cannot lose a bonus that would only affect cars made in France. And above all because the French brands, in particular on the side of Stellantis, do not produce all their electric cars in France. The Peugeot e-208, the best-selling electric vehicle in France, arrives from Slovakia.

The idea, therefore, seems to be to target the US, in response to the bonus made on Joe Biden,… and China. This weekend, Le Parisien already mentioned the way of better targeted purchase aid to “avoid the financing of Chinese vehicles”. The Middle Kingdom begins to shake up the European car industry. MG has just hit hard with its MG4, much cheaper than European vehicles.

The truth is that blocking the allocation of the bonus to electric vehicles for being manufactured in China is complicated: this affects, for example, the dacian spring, a product of the Renault group… and which has the merit of being the cheapest four-door, four-seater electric car in our country. Clearly, it greatly contributes to the democratization of the electric car!

We understand then the very evasive formula of the minister, who says that the bonus ” It will be used for vehicles produced in European territory or that strictly comply with the new environmental regulations. If the idea catches on, we think it won’t exclude many people!

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