Why were some scenes not allowed to be shot in France?

Tonight, Catherine Deneuve and Catherine Fort meet again at 9:10 p.m. on France 2 in Midwife. A true ode to life signed by Martin Provost, which required certain practical adaptations in order to be carried out. We explain to you.

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This afternoon, at 9:10 p.m., channel France 3 broadcasts Midwife by Martin ProvostDirector of seraph). The theme around which the film revolves is immediately announced in the title. He saved himself by an obstetrician when he was a newbornMartin Provost brings together two essential actresses of French cinema to interpret his words: Catherine Deneuve, who reveals to us his little habit when one of his movies is on tv and Catherine Frot who He recently talked about his adopted daughter. When one plays a serious and passionate midwife, the other is her father’s ex-lover who suddenly returns to her life. All the ingredients are there to make us live strong and deep moments.

Midwife : disturbing scenes of realism and banned in France

Eager to convey the childbirth scenes as believably as possible to viewers, the director asks Catherine Frot to learn about the profession. “I had a bit of a struggle at first, but Martin was excited about it… He said, fake babies, anything that’s rigged doesn’t work. So I played the game. First I attended a birth. I was afraid of living it badly. In fact, I had a very strong aesthetic flash when I saw the baby’s head arrive: like a perfect sculpture… It was gorgeous! I didn’t expect to feel like this at all. I learned some gestures from a practitioner, then I drew an inner curtain and did thingsthe actress entrusts our colleagues in Paris. She also explains:The scene was shot in Belgium because in France it is totally prohibited.“In France, in fact, it is forbidden to work (therefore film) a baby less than three months old. It is therefore in Belgium that the actual scenes of childbirth were filmed.”She was trained as a midwife, normal with plastic babies. After that, she went to the Lilas and the Kremlin Bicêtre for deliveries, then four-hand deliveries, before the big jump, which we shot in Belgium. says Martin Provost to the microphone of Allociné. It is clear that the game was worthwhile, as the cutscenes move!

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