Why these cough syrups will no longer be sold in pharmacies

The National Drug Safety Agency (ANSM) warned at the end of the summer: some cough syrups present a “significant risk” of severe allergy during anaesthesia. A new study had shown that by “taking a drug based on pholcodine”, you “expose yourself to a significant risk of having a serious allergy to muscle relaxants, indicated during general anesthesia, even if the anesthesia is performed several weeks after take the medicine.” , stressed the health agency. Then the suspension of the commercialization of these products was mentioned.

This suspension has been confirmed, details this Monday the consumer association, UFC-What to choosemaking a decision exactlyANSM. Recalling that the responsibility of pholcodine in severe allergic shocks during general anesthesia had been known for twenty years, the consumer association expressed its satisfaction with this decision. If the risk is very rare, the molecule can “induce a severe allergy to curares, muscle relaxants used in general anesthesia.”

The syrups in question are Dimethane without sugar (Biocodex), Biocalyptol and Biocalyptol without sugar (Zambon), Pholcodine (Biogaran). Following the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the National Medicines Safety Agency had also advised doctors not to use these products to treat coughs. L’UFC-What to choose also clarifies the point: “It is not a (…)

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