What we know about the new Laurent Ruquier show

Laurent Ruquier, Saturday night, after 11 pm, the France 2it’s over but very soon the host will take the reins of a new weekly program in the second part of the evening. premier club will launch soon at Paris Première – the day of the broadcast has not been made official.

The cultural talk-show will be toured « in the direct conditions, in a restaurant-café in the Porte d’Orléans, in the 14th arrondissement, announced by Catherine Schoefer, the general director of the chain, the men of the press conference this Friday. It is a cozy place, where, between the stage, the bar and the stairs, Laurent will have to move. »

Readers and spectators transformed into critics

The presenter will be surrounded each week by Gaël Tchakaloff for a literary column, and by François Renucci, who is also the director of big heads sure RTL, to talk about “books we don’t do”. “On the radio I receive an average of a dozen books every morning. There are the ones I’ll cover on the show, and the others I pile on the windowsill: these are the books we don’t do. Therefore, François Renucci will try to guess, in his column, why I did not retain them, ”he explains. laurent ruquier.

At each show, comedians will come to promote them: Thaïs, Tristan Lopin and Bérangère Krief for the first number. “In return, we will ask you to give us one of his latest cultural favorites,” adds the presenter. In addition to the guests who came to talk about their respective movies, books or shows, premier club will invite three people from civil society to give their impressions on a novel, a feature film or a play. These occasional critics will be selected among the clientele of a bookstore or the public of a preview.

“I was afraid of missing out on the culture”

“This is an opportunity for me to continue doing a program with cultural guests, I was afraid of losing it”, declared Laurent Ruquier, who left the presentation in June ofWe are live on France 2. The presenter, who is still linked to the public service where he continues to present several programs, says that he first suffered the refusal of Delphine Ernotte, the head of the public service, when he asked for authorization to complete this project on the channel of the M6 ​​group.

He claims to have made him quickly change his mind: “My argument is that I had already done it when I was hosting It swings in Paris at Paris Première in addition to my daily program, we tried everythingin France 2.” Unstoppable.

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