“What they ask of me here is different”

After the victory of the Blues on Thursday against Austria (2-0), Kylian Mbappé returned to his performance. The PSG forward admitted to being freer in the national team than at the club.

“What did you think of the match?
We really didn’t want to lose and fall in this B league. We really wanted to settle in the opposite field, mark our game… We tried a lot, we also lacked realism. We scored early in the second half, then we put in the break goal and then we managed a bit. I think the audience had a great time.

“The coach says there will be club rotation, we’ll see how it goes”

Did you also need peace of mind?
Of course. When you don’t win for a whole match in the France team it’s complicated, but we had no doubts. We know our strengths, even with many changes in the team. We have an amazing pool.

We feel you liberated like few times tonight…
different game. Here they ask me other things in relation to my club. I have much more freedom here. The coach knows that there is a 9 like Oliv’ that occupies the defenses and I can walk and go out into space. In Paris it is different, there is not that. They ask me to do the pivot, it’s different.

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Are you having more fun?
(Smile) I enjoy everywhere.

The matches follow each other, how do you feel physically?
Very well. The priority is selection. I hope to play on Sunday. I am always ready to play, even in a club. The coach says there will be club rotation, we’ll see how it goes.

Are you happy with the agreements reached for image rights?
Yes. It was not me who found agreements. The whole team wanted that. Afterwards, I don’t mind being in front of the stage if it’s beneficial for my teammates. Being criticized will not change the way I play and live. If it can help the band, I don’t care. I think the whole group is happy. »

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