“We expected worse with the staff”

After a logically complicated start with the Blues, the fatigue of the late transfer from the United States forces, as a result of the title obtained in the WNBA, Iliana Rupert (21 years old, 1.94 m) believes that he can gain strength in a team with shared responsibilities.

“In what state are you after two difficult first games from a personal point of view and this arrival from the United States on the eve of the first game of the French team?
Inevitably, there was a lot of tiredness, I had seventeen hours of jet lag. (She laughs) I did not live on September 20. (crossing the Pacific in the US-Australia direction loses one calendar day), it is funny. The squad and I knew that these first two games and the rest day would allow me to make up for two months of preparation and orient myself in this group that has been working for a few weeks.

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Was your time against Canada more satisfying?
the first against Australia, my legs were tired and it was a little bit better against Canada but I’m not at my best. This feeling of heavy legs is less present than in the first days. It is normal, it is not worrying, we even expected something worse with the staff.

Is this rest day even more important to you than to the team coming off a loss?
It’s not a negative, I’ll take it! Leaving on a day off with a loss is not ideal. Selfishly I was able to sleep late, I feel rested. I’m going to take advantage of this day to recover a little. We have three important matches and physical battles to come.

“In the sector we have many interiors that are diverging, it will be important that it provides depth, post, rebound where we lack”

You also have to adapt to Jean-Aimé Toupane’s basketball after playing little at the end of the season in the United States (she became WNBA champion with the Las Vegas Aces).
I didn’t play much during the play-offs but I didn’t sit idle despite what people think. I was in contact throughout the preparation (from the French team) with the girls, I wanted to stay informed, I ordered the systems quite quickly. I saw all the matches. From a distance he had the keys, the theory, that’s the practice. I’m glad I understood because practice goes faster.

What role do you think you should assume in this team?
I want to go slowly without forcing, the coaches are also in this perspective. Find my marks, my place. There is reality on the ground, it must occur naturally. In the sector we have many interiors that are diverging, it will be important that he provides depth, top post, rebound where we are scarce. I’ve already played with all the girls. It’s going to happen, it’s only been two days. The team was reorganized with the absences. With Alexia (Chartereau) we know each other well, I don’t worry. We will meet, we will weigh in the collective. Everyone has her role with the absences, Alexia, me, Sarah (Michel), Gabby (Williams), Marine (Fauthoux), we all have more important roles and little by little it will emerge. »

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