Virginie Efira and Audrey Dana: This ex in common with whom they became mothers

Tonight, France 3 broadcasts the film an impossible love, which is in particular at the origin of the couple formed by virginia efira and Niels Schneider, since they met on the set of this feature film. But before that, the Belgian actress, who recently became confident in her relationship with men, had become engaged to director Mabrouk El Mechri, with whom she even became the mother of a little Ali. A first name given in tribute to Ali MacGraw, the American actress revealed in Love story, and the boxer Mohamed Ali. But they finally ended their relationship in 2014.

In the past, the director had fallen in love with another actress: Audrey Dana, with whom he had Lee, his first child, in 2008. They were also married. In 2009, the actress, then still in a relationship with the father of her son, made some confidences on this subject for paris partyespecially at your meeting. “I was still shocked by a painful history and rather in search of lightness. So, we were lovers-friends in a very flexible and free way before we really fell in love” she said.

we laugh a lot together

“Today, Mabrouk is my family, my lover, my friend, the father of my baby, the stepfather of my eldest son. He is my boy! We know each other very well before we are together. I agree that I feel good with him. He is honest, fair, intelligent and we laugh a lot together, which is essentialshe added.

The director also spoke at the time about his relationship with Audrey Dana. “When you’re in love, you don’t want to be with two-thirds of someone, but with the whole person. I think we have taken advantage of our old relationships and are careful not to hurt each other.admitted Mabrouk El Mechri. I can’t imagine my life without her. We are not married yet but we are engaged like we are. In addition, we wear a wedding ring.“, he confided. Since then, they have been separated and he has not formalized new relationships, while Audrey Dana married producer Olivier Delbosc. A relationship that is not always evident according to his statements for Gala dating from last year.

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