Van der Poel, convicted of assault, left Australia

Aurélien CANOT, Media365, published on Tuesday 27 September 2022 at 08:42

After pleading guilty in daytime criminal court to an immediate appearance the day after his arrest, Dutchman Mathieu van der Poel, convicted of assault, left Australia on Monday night.

End of the nightmare for Mathieu van der Poel. After a weekend that could have been a dream for the Dutchman but which has turned into a hellish scenario, the Alpecin-Deceuninck team rider has been able to return to his home. On Monday night, “VDP” left Australia and Woolongong, where he had been tried a little earlier in the Australian court for events dating back a few hours and which earned him a conviction for “assault” as well as for paying a fine of 1,500 Australian dollars (1,010 euros). The four-time cyclocross world champion, who finally dreamed of winning his first world title on the road, lined up at the start of this Sunday’s race. However, he had given up quickly, still marked (“mentally destroyed”, in the words of one of his trainers) that he was from the events that had occurred during the night and that had led to his arrest in the middle of the night at the hotel where the Dutch national team and its 27-year-old leader had settled. Going to bed at the beginning of the night, van der Poel had not liked the ruckus caused in the corridor leading to his room by the teenagers, who had also knocked on his door many times.

Van der Poel wishes to appeal

At the end of his strength, he had ended up chasing two young girls, pushing them both as he passed. One was found on the ground and the other wounded in the arm. The police intervened on the scene and took the Dutchman to the police station to listen to him until four in the morning, since it was not until dawn that the policemen had escorted the champion back to his hotel after having questioned him for a long time. . On Monday, “VDP” went into immediate appearance. He then risked, like the tennis player Novak Djokovic earlier in the year, by refusing to be vaccinated, of finding himself blocked for a month in the place, since the police confiscated his passport. A misadventure that he avoided by pleading guilty during his trial in immediate appearance. And he allowed him to turn his back on the whole thing a few hours later, even if the Dutchman announced his intention to appeal later.

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