This is why so many people choose to stay friends with their exes

ex friends

When a couple breakup, affects many more people than those directly involved. Friends become attached to our partners, our children also if they are not already in the biological sense. While some couples want nothing more to do with each other, others manage to remain friends with their exes.

For those who don’t understand why some people choose to stay friends with their exes, a to study it was made to try to understand it. The study participants were university students from various institutions.

Some remain friends with their exes out of jealousy

Many people experience jealousy during a breakup. They are consumed with curiosity about who they are dating now, how successful they are, etc. Being friends with an ex allows you to keep an eye on him, even if he seems a little crazy.

Young love

Sometimes couples get together too young for the relationship to last. However, that is no reason to spoil a potential friendship. This person may well be the key to your childhood, holding on to that memory of who you once were never to forget.

Some remain friends with their exes for practical reasons.

Sometimes people stay friends with their exes because they need each other’s help from time to time. Maybe your ex was your only means of transportation to work. So you maintain a friendship with yourself to maintain this advantage. It can be awkward at first, but some eventually get over it.

People are still friends with their exes if they have kids

ex friends

People often stay friends with an ex for the sake of their children. It can be difficult at first, but with a little effort it can work. After all, it’s never the child’s fault.


Many relationships were more involved than the feelings that united them. It is usually in the form of codependency. This may take the form of financial assistance or resource sharing. Or, neither of you may know how to be alone, so you rely on each other for emotional support.

People are still friends with their exes if they share the same friends.

ex friends
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Our friends, like family, are very important to most of us. Some groups of friends are so close that it is not surprising that two people in the group can develop an even closer bond.

However, if they get separated, it can directly affect the group. Your friends may feel pressured to choose a side and this may end up driving the whole group apart. Therefore, some try to remain friends with their exes in an attempt to avoid this.

Some remain friends with their exes because they still have feelings.

When a breakup occurs, it’s usually not a joint decision. One person has evolved and wants to spread her wings, while the other still loves her deeply. When this happens, the person may want to keep her ex in her life for as long as possible.

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