this excellent game is coming to the platform

Netflix is ​​getting another cult mobile game that subscribers can already enjoy.

Netflix subscribers have been able to enjoy a completely unique service for an SVOD platform, namely mobile gaming, for many months. Directly on the Netflix home page, you can access a “games” tab that gives you access to more than twenty titles, some of which are extremely qualitative. We think in particular of Moonlighter, Kittens Explosion either Krispee Street.

Today, a new success enters the catalog. Is about’free oxen, a game that fans of indie titles are already very familiar with. Released for PC and consoles in 2016, free oxen is a supernatural adventure game in which a spectral rift has opened. You are part of a group of young people who unfortunately will be involved in this whole story.

On other platforms, the title had already been a success as its narrative was well constructed. In addition, the charm of its graphics had hit the mark, especially among fans of productions that turned to the paranormal. We personally love its gameplay, which favors choices and narrative freedom, as well as its simply masterful soundtrack.

Therefore, this game is now available in a mobile version exclusively on Netflix. It is not surprising considering that the firm acquired the Night School studio, behind the creation of the franchise. free oxen, almost a year ago. The addition of its flagship title to the catalog is therefore natural for both parties.

To take advantage of it, nothing could be simpler. Open your mobile app on iOS or Android and at the bottom of the screen, click on the games tab. Below you will have an overview of all you can download. It is a free privilege at the moment, so it would be a shame not to take advantage of it, especially given the recent price increases practiced by the platform.

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