This 32″ gaming monitor offers 165 Hz and QHD for less than €300 for the French Days

To enjoy gaming sessions without shocks or slowdowns, it is better to bet on a powerful PC monitor, such as the Iiyama GB3271QSU-B1 model. The latter also has the advantage of seeing its price drop from 369 euros to 299 euros on Rue du commerce.


Responsiveness is often the keyword for gamers looking for a new PC screen. Demanding gamers can resort without concern to the reference GB3271QSU-B1 from the Japanese brand Iiyama, which not only offers a high refresh rate, but also a very short response time, so as not to suffer from any type of slowdown or lack of fluidity in full part This model also benefits from 70 euro discount on the occasion of the French Conference.

Iiyama’s Screen Strengths

  • A 32-inch QHD IPS panel
  • 165Hz refresh rate + 1ms response rate
  • Compatible with AMD FreeSync Premium

Initially shown at 369 euros, the Iiyama GB3271QSU-B1 PC gaming display is now offered at 299 euros by Rue du commerce.

A large screen so you don’t miss any detail

Immersion is a highly sought after feature by gamers. The Iiyama brand has understood this well as it has endowed its GB3271QSU-B1 model with very fine, even invisible, screen borders, which help to fully immerse yourself in the scrolling images during a gaming session. slab, a diagonal of considerable size that allows us not to lose any detail within a game. The screen also benefits from a WQHD definition of 2560 x 1440 pixels, which is the guarantee of a very clear image quality. In order not to spoil anything, this model rests on a solid foot, which allows the tilt and height of the screen to be adjusted for better visual comfort.

Fluency and responsiveness in the appointment

Very good point: Iiyama’s screen also has a refresh rate of 165 Hz, which will ensure a very smooth display during your gaming actions. Add to that a 1ms response rate to avoid any lag or slowdowns in your combos (as well as this famously unfortunate “ghosting” effect), and you’re ready for your games thanks to good responsiveness. Also note that the display supports AMD FreeSync Premium technologies, which acts to limit the phenomenon of screen tearing and jerking. The Japanese brand has also thought of offering some small functions to facilitate gameplay, such as the “Black Turner”, thanks to which users can modify the brightness and black levels of a scene, which in practice allows small details to be detected or enemies hiding in the dark.

Finally, on the connections side, the display has two HDMI 2.0 ports, two DisplayPorts, four USB 3.0 ports, and a headphone jack. Enough to invent a real configuration connecting several devices at the same time.

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