these French will pay for it for the last time this year, those interested

The housing tax lives its last hours… Since 2018, an important reform is on its way and plans to abolish, in part, this tax that applies to French owners of a property immovable. In 2022, only some French people will be affected. We take stock.

The housing tax is one of the taxes local, such as property tax. Applies to owners of a property for residential use, whether a residence primary or secondary. And this, even if the accommodation is unoccupied.

The deletion does not refer to secondary residence

As of 2020, only 20% of French people still pay it. In fact, the suppression it only refers to the main residence. So if you have a secondary residence, you will continue to pay housing tax for this accommodation, even after 2023.

To find out if you’re still indebted of this tax this year, you should consult your tax notice 2022, based on your income in 2021. Be careful, just because you didn’t pay in 2021 doesn’t mean you won’t pay this year. Your income may have increased or your the situation may have changed.

Your reference tax income or RFR must not exceed €28,150 for a single person or €44,830 for a couple without children. Beyond that, you can benefit from a exoneration at least 65% if your RFR has exceeded €29,192 for a single person or €46,914 for a couple without children. Details are available on a dedicated page of the site

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At most, you will only pay 35% of the bill

In any case, whatever your income, you will only pay 35% maximum of the amount normally due, thanks to the 65% exemption. If in doubt, or if there is a change in your situationyou can also use the simulator available on site to find out if you are eligible for a full or partial exemption.

The residence tax notice for interested persons will be sent by mail beginning of October. The payment deadline is November 15. Electronically, an email will inform you that you can consult the notice in your private space at the same time. The Ministry of Finance has evaluated the profit in 723 € per year and per household for 24 million French Who will benefit from this measure? A good news in these difficult times…

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