The violation denounced by Florencia Porcel will finally be the subject of investigations

The facts reported by the writer date back to 2004 and are therefore subject to prescription. But a decision recently authorized extending the investigations to this period.

Your complaint is at the origin of the case. Florence Porcel is the first woman to bring charges against Patrick Poivre d’Arvor in court, in 2021. And contrary to what was initially announced, all the facts that she denounces will finally be investigated, BFMTV learned from concordant sources, confirming information from AFP, Release Y France Inter.

The writer criticizes Patrick Poivre d’Arvor for two acts: she denounces a rape in 2004 in her TF1 office and a fellatio imposed in 2009 on the premises of her production company. Controversial facts by the former presenter, who denied having had sexual relations with Florencia Porcel and assured that the complainant is “obsessed” with him.

The author had filed a first complaint with the Nanterre prosecutor’s office, dismissed due to statute of limitations, in June 2021. Florence Porcel had then filed a second complaint with civil action, which automatically led to the opening of a judicial investigation with the appointment of a judge .

The “seriousness” of the facts

While other women have come to court to report similar events, the prosecution had issued a “partial refusal to report order”: it considered that it could investigate the accusation of forced fellatio in 2009, but not about the 2004 rape .considered too old.

Refusing to resolve such a decision, the writer appealed. In June, the investigating chamber of the Versailles Court of Appeal finally delivered a judgment contradicting the investigating judge. She believes that she can investigate the forced fellatio of 2009 but also the rape of 2004, despite the fact that these appear prescribed.

In order to make such an inversion, the investigating chamber relied on the possible “serial nature” of the facts imputed to Patrick Poivre d’Arvor. Specifically, “if apparently prescribed facts are part of a precise link with other non-prescribed facts, the justice system can still investigate,” he explains. France Inter.

For his part, the former presenter filed a complaint for “slanderous complaint” against 16 women who accuse him. This will only be considered once the initial investigations have been completed.

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