the unthinkable reaction of his doctor to the announcement of his cancer

Patrick Sébastien hasn’t had very simple months lately. Indeed, had to fight kidney cancer. As he talks about it in his last book, Live and be reborn every dayagreed to go to the set of don’t touch my post, Monday September 26, 2022, to say a little more. At first, he wanted to reassure everyone who might be worried about him. “it’s going well, it’s going very well“, confided the presenter of the The biggest cabaret in the world.before adding: “I took expensive for a few months..” Only today everything seems to have been left behind. Cyril Hanouna then wanted to know how he had discovered his cancer.

I found out by chance that I had kidney cancer.. They operated on me, they opened me up because I had too many veins in my kidneys. But he is cured. All the health problems I had, they were cured: I had prediabetes, I had prostatitis, I had cancer, and it was cured“According to him, if he managed to overcome all these tests in life, it is thanks to his eternal optimism.”It also heals with the mind, the mind is important in all this, it helped me a lot“If today he has a smile, he still went through difficult times since at the same time he found out that he had cancer and separated from his wife.”Everything happened at the same time, but hey, that’s life, that’s how it is. I have (…)

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