“The truth is that…”: Léa Salamé makes a strange revelation about Laurent Ruquier

After presenting for a while We are live together, Laurent Ruquier and Lea Salame separate. The host had said too much to himself.”frustrated” to share the antenna with his comrade. Finally, the mother of little Gabriel inherits the picture of Saturday night on France 2 to present what time, with Christophe Dechavanne and Philippe Caverivière. Thursday, September 22, 2022, Léa Salamé was the guest of don’t touch my post (C8) on the occasion of this great news. She took the opportunity to talk about her relationship with Laurent Ruquier, who since the breakup has made several jokes implying that their relationship doesn’t look good.

Cyril Hanouna believes that it is difficult for someone like Laurent Ruquier to present a duo show of this type. “I think he had the grace to say yes at first, to say he wants to try.“, he also points out. It was then that the companion of the essayist and MEP Raphaël Glucksmann made a revelation that could well explain his misunderstanding: “The truth is that four years ago he invited me to lunch at the end ofwe are not in bed. He offered me to come back and co-present with him. we are not in bedme. I assure you that it is true.“Léa Salamé then reveals that this story of an animation duo does not date from today. Surprising fact given the animator’s reaction…

And the 42-year-old journalist continued: “It had started with him, he was his columnist. She was happy to be, as well as being the co-anchor for her. I watched him do it for a year, I learned by watching it. Is very good. I could have continued with him for several years. I can understand that after seventeen years, he doesn’t want to get drunk. He decided that, I respect him. But he would have continued.“Finally, Léa Salamé would like to point out that she has”tried to convince him to stay“, in vain.

Let us remember that Laurent Ruquier had explained his decision to retire. “I tried, but despite my natural understanding with Léa Salamé, I find the exercise too frustrating.“, had indicated in the social networks. According to Gilles Verdez, the reasons were others”.He prepares a lot but trusts a lot on the set, on instinct. And she works on the headset, listens to the instructions so there are no improvisations. he no longer wanted“, he had assured. For his part, Bernard Montiel had indicated that the two stars had not agreed on the choice of the guests.

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