The R5 Turbo returns with two electric motors

Renault continues to electrify its past. This time the R5 Turbo is upgraded! The Turbo 3E concept advertises 380 hp.

Before the launch of the new generation, Renault continue to have fun with the old R5, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2022. We had discovered this summer how cute 5 diamond concept. In a much more daring register, it is the mythical Turbo that is being revised today with electric sauce.

This gives the Turbo 3E concept car. 3 to mark the continuation of Turbo and Turbo 2, and thus E for Electric. This R5 receives two engines, placed in the rear. They each drive a wheel. Maximum power is 280 kW, or 380 hp. The immediately available torque is 700 Nm! This Turbo 3E goes from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds.

Propulsion, the model was designed for drifting or gymkhana. Obstacle avoidance is facilitated by a turning angle of the wheels greater than 50°. To be able to chain the laps, this R5 receives a 42 kWh battery, placed in the rear part of the floor. So there are only two places!

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The Turbo 3E is mounted on a tubular, flat-bottom chassis with FIA-approved roll bars. The body is carbon fiber. We recognize the silhouette of the R5 well, although the model deliberately does a lot of the flashy: the instructions were “a work of art with exaggerated shapes, inspired by the world of video games”, but who does not forget to consult the original Turbo 2.

The air intakes on the rear wings of the latter have been revised. With them, this concept is 2.02 meters wide! Another historical element taken over: the square additional headlights. But they are reviewed in the form of LEDs. On the grille, the LEDs in pink, blue and yellow light up and flash when the vehicle swerves!

Inside, the designers’ references are the ’80s and video games. There is thus a Scottish pattern, based on the Renault logo, at the level of the dashboard and seats. The last ones, tubs, are the result of a collaboration with the specialist Sabelt. The same is true for the steering wheel. Behind this is a nod to the Turbo 2, which had ten analog dials. Here they become 10 digital screens, functioning as widgets, with retrogaming-inspired graphics. In the center, you can not miss the large vertical handbrake, ready for skidding.

The R5 Turbo 3E will make its debut on Sunday September 25 at the Chantilly Concours d’Elegance. Then we will see it at the Paris Motor Show, from October 17 to 23.

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