The presenter atomizes Apolline de Malherbe in full direct!

cyril hanouna He was in great shape in set 6 to 7 this Friday, September 23, 2022. For his birthday, the C8 troublemaker did not stop tackling several of his teammates… Starting with Apolline de Malherbe. The famous journalist took it for his rank. In fact, Lino and Bianca’s dad was very angry with the BFM TV star whom he accuses of never quoting him on her show. ” she does not like us “, He launched before adding: “ If he loved us, he would have quoted us. “Words confirmed by Raymond Abou who states:” we often take lost boxes “.

“I was bruised”

Annoyed, Cyril Hanouna made the decision to fight with the journalist whom he also called live. ” I’m calling you because we were as close as two toes. There is a debate about you. There are people who say you like me and people who say you don’t. I, I think you turned. Because you filmed me yesterday and you didn’t even date me. Not TPMP, not Hanouna, not Baba, not the other Aziz, not anything at all. He was bruised. How is it done? »

In shock, the main stakeholder tried to defend herself. ” You can show on the air all the love texts I sent you “, dropped on the other end of the cable. To which Cyril Hanouna replied: “ Texting is one thing, but on the air, I want proof. I’ve always said that I love you, there, two minutes ago, I was crazy about you… I want to get to the bottom, I want to burst the abscess. “. Fortunately, Cyril Hanouna and Apolline de Malherbe have managed to find common ground. And this, with joy and good humor. Generous, he even offered the pretty brunette to invite her whole family to dinner. All’s well that ends well !


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