the pessimism of artificial intelligence researchers

More than a third of artificial intelligence (AI) researchers are not naturally optimistic: They said they believe AI could cause a global catastrophe on the scale of nuclear war.

This answer comes from a poll (A probe may designate a local exploration technique of a particular environment. A…) held in May and June of this year (A year is a unit of time that expresses the duration between two occurrences of a related event…) of 327 of these researchers, chosen from among those who have co-authored one or more treatment studies in recent years automatic (Automatic control is part of the engineering sciences. This discipline deals with…) idiom (natural language processing), area that has been theater remarkable progress.

The expression “of the same magnitude as a war nuclear (The term nuclear power has two meanings depending on the context:)” can be viewed (Sight is the sense that allows us to observe and analyze the environment through reception and…) as a metaphor, but can also be taken at the beginning degree (The word degree has several meanings, it is mainly used in fields…): These researchers foresee military applications to AI, and suddenly, the possibility that with these recent advances, AI play (The cheek is the part of the face that covers the oral cavity, closed by the…) greater role in decision making. “There are plausible scenarios that could get us there,” comment on the new scientist the seeker (A researcher (fem. researcher) refers to a person whose job it is to investigate…) Sure Paul Scharre. “But that would require people to do really dangerous things with military uses of AI.”

In the survey, conducted by a team from the Center forNew York University (New York University (in English: New York University: NYU,…) for data (In information technology (IT), data is an elementary description, often…) scientists, and whose results have been pre-published August 26, the number (The notion of number in linguistics is dealt with in the article “Number…) of concerned searchers was even higher among women (46%) and members of visible minorities (53%).

Without going as far as nuclear war, some respondents said they would have agreed with the premise that AI poses serious risks had the scenario discussed been less extreme. For example, the survey looks at the risks posed by guided weaponsartificial intelligence (Artificial intelligence or cognitive computing is the “media search…) or those raised by the monitoring of dough (The term mass is used to designate two quantities joined to one…).

These researchers obviously didn’t draw these concerns from their research alone. The risks of AI abuse have been mentioned for several years, for example in matter (Matter is the substance that makes up any body having a tangible reality. It is…) of discrimination. But the risks that endanger the very future of humanity have made theobject (In general, the word object (from the Latin objectum, 1361) designates an entity defined in…) additional reflections, for example in The report of 2018 from a group of thinkers in the United States, or in the book from a researcher atUniversity (A university is an institution of higher education whose objective is the…) Oxford in 2014. Thousands of people have signed an open letter fromIT (In the 1960s and 1980s, a person was called a computer scientist…) Stuart Russell, in 2015, who called for “wider research aimed at ensuring that increasingly advanced AI systems are robust and beneficial.”

in thereverse (In mathematics, the inverse of an element x of a set endowed with a law of…)those who do not give in to pessimism evoke the example of the autonomous car, which is still far from being able to make informed decisions in all circumstances, despite the enormous sums that have been invested in it.

If in the 2000s and 2010s these reflections focused on the theoretical capacities of a “superintelligence”, they have become more rooted in reality with the recent concepts ofmachine learning (Machine learning is a scientific discipline, which is…) (machine learning) and automatic language processing, which have opened up new perspectives on what we can do with AI and what we don’t yet know about its potential. Lawyers also wonder: the artificial intelligence committee of the Council ofEurope (Europe is a land region that can be considered as…) in particular, he spoke about the importance of rules that leave decision-making to humans “and not to models Math (Mathematics is an abstract field of knowledge constructed using…)“. But it remains to write such laws…

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