the new vaccines will begin to be administered in early October

The anti-Covid reminder campaign with the new vaccines adapted to Omicron it will start on October 3, once France has received the first doses, the Minister of Health announced on Tuesday. For the French for whom a new dose is recommended, “we are going towards a vaccination campaign starting on October 3, where we will have the new vaccines available,” François Braun told franceinfo.

For this recall campaign, the High Authority for Health (HAS) recommended using one of three suitable vaccines for Omicron subvariants (two from Pfizer/BioNTech, one from Moderna), recently approved by the European Medicines Agency, and to join it to the one for the flu, which will start on October 18. One of these vaccines, developed by Moderna, is suitable for BA.1. The first bottles ordered must be delivered between September 29 and October 4, according to a recent message sent by the ministry to health professionals, citing only 576,000 doses available at the start.

The new anti-Covid reminder, “is not for the entire population: the High Health Authority has been clear and continues to say vaccinate target populations”, the minister recalled. But, she said, “if you want to get vaccinated, you can get vaccinated.” The additional dose of vaccine is recommended for people at risk of a severe form of the disease (60 years and older, immunocompromised and those around them, pregnant women, children (…)

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