The French love Peugeot but no longer hate Renault

Quarterly, La Matrice and the Ifop Institute publish their barometer in the image of the main French brands. To do this, a panel of French people must answer the following question: “Based on what you’ve heard about these big companies in recent months, do you have a very good, fairly good, fairly bad, or very bad image of them? ». And the least we can say is that the national automotive industry is celebrating: after many years in which an excellent strategy has allowed peugeot After signing excellent results while transforming its image, the lion brand now occupies the first place in the ranking. Collect a positive image for 84% of respondents and only 12% of respondents have a bad image. With an image index of 72%, the manufacturer from Sochaux does better than Leclerc (70%) which is tied for second place with Michelin, the brand that dominated this barometer a few years ago.

The POsternak-Ifop ranking for September 2022
The POsternak-Ifop ranking for September 2022

And the rest of the French manufacturers are not left out. In fifth place, Citroën also collects a majority of positive opinions with 80% good images, 15% bad images and an index of 65%. But the best progress comes from Renault. Tenth in 2018, the diamond brand crashed after the incredible affairs of Carlos Ghosn. But the strategy of the new management is clearly paying off in terms of image: up to eighth in the ranking, Renault is now well perceived by the French with 77% positive opinions versus 20% negative opinions. It is the brand that improves the most in the ranking with a final score of 57% in the image index and a gain of 10 points.

Power in the back of the pack

A sign of the times, energy companies are struggling to maintain a good image. On 21st, ENGIE has an image index of only 31%. Still better than TotalEnergies, 28, and its image index of 14%. Only SFR and SNCF perform worse with 5 and 4% respectively.

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