The five government measures to promote prevention

Long considered the poor relation of public health policies in France, prevention is becoming one of the government’s priorities. The bill for the financing of Social Security (PLFSS) for 2023, presented this Monday, September 26, in the Council of Ministers, dedicates five key measures to it, including 100% reimbursed appointments and without advance payment of costs at the different ages of life, promised by Emmanuel Macron during his Presidential campaign. Since 2019, the government has above all strengthened prevention among children, by redeploying the 20 clinics dedicated to supporting their development from birth to adulthood and then completing the vaccination schedule. Social Security’s new budget plans to continue this strategy by targeting adults now.

To prevent risk factors and certain pathologies, the Government intends to implement consultations fully covered by medical insurance and without advance payment at three key ages of life: 20-25 years, 40-45 years and 60-65 years.

At 20-25 years of age, the consultation will be part of a primary prevention strategy to fight cancer and addictions (especially to tobacco and alcohol), but also to promote a healthy diet and sufficient physical activity. For women, this meeting should also be dedicated to the prevention of breast and cervical cancer. This query should complement the quotes (…)

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