The Dynamic Island of the iPhone 14 Pro comes to Android through an application

The most visible innovation of the latest iPhones was not the hardware this year, but the software. With the introduction of Dynamic Island, Apple has found a way to transform the physical constraint represented by its front-facing sensors into a fairly well-integrated true “second screen.”

But that’s the problem: this bubble is “just” software. And by definition, a good idea often ends up seeing alternative versions arrive quickly that will try to emulate it as best as possible. This is particularly the case with a beta app that is currently making its way to Android smartphones.

Just published, already reproduced

This app called dynamic point is developed by Jawomo, which usually offers applications for very specific tasks on Android smartphones. Seeking to reproduce Apple’s formula, it now offers Android smartphones to have, in turn, at the top of the screen, its own floating bar that shows smartphone notifications.

The pill surrounds your smartphone bump well, you can even move it somewhere else if you want. It is true that the application is in its infancy and its operation may seem rudimentary. But although the result still seems “experimental” at first glance, the idea is there.

Customization and additional paid options

The application proposes the options of personalization and also a “Pro” option for the faudra passer à la caisse (3.99 €) in order to add the functionalities to your lot, with the possibility of benefiting after you are verrouillé , Among others.

Regarding privacy, this application certifies that it does not collect the data of its users and does not want to share anything. But keep in mind that it requires permissions to work that leave your smartphone potentially “open” to the app.

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