The crazy request of Carlos Soler that precipitated his departure from Valencia

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It is a transfer that was not necessarily planned and that PSG activated at the end of the Mercato. In order to intensify the competition for a playmaker position, Carlos Soler landed in Paris at the end of August. A movement on which Soler returns in statements to SuperDeporte broadcast by PSG Culture.

Soler wanted a contract of 8 to 10 years!

The opportunity to discover the crazy request of the Spanish midfielder, who had been discussing an extension with Valencia for a year and a half, but with a particularly surprising request, namely to obtain a very long-term lease, potentially eight years! to ten additional years!

“There was a negotiation to try to renew my contract for a year and a half during which certain things happened with me, with my agents, my family too, my relatives, my friends… (…) J I looked for a long-term contract At Valencia, I looked for an ambitious sports project to play in the Champions League and then economic conditions as well. Obviously, I am a footballer and I also make a living from it. These conditions have not been met. (…) I asked for a long-term contract because I wanted to seal my commitment From 25 to 33, 34 or 35, staying linked to Valencia all my life. The club has a philosophy and does not want to make contracts for more than X years. I thought the opposite and the club never came close to what I asked for in years and this agreement was not reached.

In the absence of finding this agreement, Carlos Soler has decided to start talks with PSG, with an exchange on the club’s future project but also on its positioning that has visibly convinced the former Valencia star…

I spoke with the sports director and with the coach. They told me that things were changing within the club, that they wanted an ambitious project for the coming years. Obviously to try to continue winning the French championship, the Cup, but also to seek to conquer the Champions League that they have been pursuing for many years. (…) They (Campos and Galtier) told me that with my versatility I could play either up the wings, but going inside to try to score, or in the center of the field within the double pivot. They told me I could play all these positions. »

To sum up

Carlos Soler, the midfielder who joined PSG at the end of the summer transfer window, had other plans. Except that Valencia did not agree to his surprising request. The Spanish midfielder wanted to renew a contract of almost ten years!

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