The “bivalent vaccines” will be available “from October 3”, announces François Braun

In front of a “resumption of virus circulation“, the “vaccination campaign” with “new bivalent vaccines against Omicron“begin to”from October 3“, announces the Minister of Health François Braun on franceinfo, Tuesday, September 27, 2022.

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Over the past three weeks, we have seen a resumption of virus circulation.“, indicates the minister, evoking “a new booster dose for target populations“This is going to worry.”frail people, people over 60 years of age, health professionals and people who are in contact with frail people“This will not affect the general population, even if”Of course, if you want to get vaccinated, you can“, he continues. “As of October 3 we will have this new bivalent vaccine available in pharmacies, in vaccination centers, that is, this vaccine that vaccinates you against the wild strain but also against Omicron“, specifies François Braun.

On the use of a mask, François Braun asks “regain common sense“: “When we are on top of each other, it is more reasonable to put on the mask. When you are with a very fragile person, you put on the mask“.

Covid-19 infections have accelerated in recent days in France after a recovery that began in early September, but with still uncertain consequences in the hospital, the health authorities detailed in mid-September. “The circulation of SARS-CoV-2 has accelerated throughout mainland France with a strong growth in virological indicators“, summarized Public Health France in a point published during the period from September 12 to 18.

Another sign of a resurgence of the epidemic: more than a million Covid-19 tests were carried out in France last week. This barometer of the health crisis thus exceeds the symbolic threshold of one million for the first time in six weeks, after having reached its lowest levels in two years in August.

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