The American startup Boom presents the final design of its supersonic plane

51! This is the number of different designs that the Overture has gone through, the plane supersonic of the startup Boom Technology. Initially designed with three engines, the Boom Overture will eventually have four engines. The latter will be placed in a basket under the wings of the plane, like traditional aircraft. Another change: a wider fuselage at the front than at the rear, to gain aerodynamics. The wings have also been modified allowing, according to Boom, to optimize the stability of the aircraft at any speed.

Putting supersonic transport back in the spotlight, the Overture should reach a cruise speed of Mach 1.7, or 2,100 km/h (ed., the speed of sound is around 1,235 km/h). . For comparison, the concorde it was capable of flying at over 2,500 km/h (Mach 2.04 note). The Boom Overture wants to be the heir to the “most beautiful plane in the world” down to the smallest detail. In fact, it will be necessary to pay no less than 5,000 dollars to be able to travel on board. Like 20 years ago, the device will be mainly intended for wealthy people and business trips. However, the American jet will not be able to accommodate as many people as its predecessor. Between 65 and 88 seats are expected against one hundred for the Concorde.

One thing is certain, the characteristics of the Boom Overture should allow you to connect New York with London in 3h30 or Los Angeles with Sydney in less than 7h, against 15 hours (…)

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