The 10 key points to remember from the Social Security budget project

Deficit reduction, free morning-after pill, tobacco price increase, fight against fraud… These are the main measures of the Social Security financing bill presented to the Council of Ministers.

– Deficit

Since the dismal record of 2020 (almost 39,000 million), the losses have continued to reduce: less than 25,000 million in 2021, 17,800 million this year and, therefore, 6,800 million expected in 2023.

A figure, however, subject to caution, because largely due to the thawing of the Covid bill: the provision for tests and vaccines would fall from more than 11 billion in 2022 to just one billion next year, an amount that ” there is a risk of turning out to be very insufficient” to cover the expected expenses, according to the Superior Council of Public Finances.

– Savings

As in previous years, the budget does not foresee savings in hospitals, but a saving of 1,100 million euros is foreseen in medicines, 250 million in medical analysis laboratories, 150 million in medical imaging and finally 150 million euros in complementary health insurance .

– Fraud

The Government wants to increase the fraud detected by 10% (1,500 million euros this year) and above all to recover more with a target set at 500 million in 2024 (compared to less than 300 million in 2019).

To achieve this, he wants to provide judicial police powers to certain “control agents”, authorize the transfer of information to commercial courts or even increase economic sanctions for offending caregivers.

– Teleconsultations

Stoppages prescribed by teleconsultation by a professional other than the treating doctor or doctor treated in the last 12 months will no longer be reimbursable, with some exceptions.

– Tobacco

The price of tobacco “will rise like inflation,” declared Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne. The Government has not specified the expected profit, but points out that tobacco taxation contributes between 13 and 14 billion euros a year, compared to a cost of 20 to 26 billion euros for medical insurance.

– sexual health

Emergency contraception will be free for all women, regardless of their age. “This day[…]


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