TESTIMONIES. First smartphone: “The situation deteriorated in just three weeks”

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Staunchly against it, convinced of its necessity, resigned to the incessant aggression of their offspring… Several parents of teenagers have agreed to tell La Dépêche du Midi why and at what age they agreed to provide, or not, their child with a mobile phone .

“Every day, she annoys me!” Mona’s daughter is 14 years old and, for the Catalan, she is not old enough to have her own smartphone: “She keeps telling me ‘And how do I contact you if I miss the bus?’ “I’m the only one who doesn’t have, I can’t even take pictures when we’re outside.” I tell her that at her age she should focus on her studies and not spend her time on screens. Now, I’m holding on.”

If her 16-year-old older sister has one – which Mona regularly confiscates – she hopes the smaller one will last her through college: “It’s going to be tricky. I’m doing her a favor, she won’t.” she moved. Three days ago, she even cried. And every Christmas is the same, she imagines that she is going to receive the object of her dreams. Mona knows, it will be very difficult to resist her until next summer.

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“We are very reluctant”

“At 11 you have to learn to fend for yourself,” says Agathe, 35. Many parents buy a phone very early to calm down. I preferred to explain to her that I trusted her, she goes home alone or with friends and has a “limit” time to get there. Along the way, she knows several places where she can stop in case of concerns.” This summer, before entering sixth grade, the young woman still asked her mother for one: “Finally, she ended up admitting to herself that she didn’t need it. It was more of a group effect. Around him, there are more and more of them. I asked her if she had been teased. This is not the case and that reassured me, I would have been wrong if my choices are hounding him.”

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the rules are clear

In order for her daughter to accept her decision, Agathe opts for dialogue: “I showed her several documentaries in Arte about the history of social networks and the dangers of exposing herself too much. I think that before putting such a tool in her hands, she has to understand it. and know the risks you run.

“My son Donavann, 10, has a phone and everything is going very well,” says Aurélie. Until recently, the object of communication essentially allowed the young man from Toulouse – whose parents are separated – to contact his father. “My son has been at university since September. He now takes the subway alone and the truth is that his cell phone calms me down.” The rules are clear: he phones when he arrives at his destination, turns off the machine, then turns it back on to let me know when he’s taking the wrong route. At 8 pm, everything is turned off.

In Floriane, “the situation deteriorated in just three weeks.” Before entering college, she sets up her son to see “how he reacts.” Within a few days the first signs of addiction appear. Her son no longer wants to go out and spends his time glued to the screen. “Then came the conflicts. I discreetly monitored the conversations and was scared of the turn things were taking. If I didn’t answer the phone, I was threatened.” Panicking, Floriane ends up taking the item from her.

To avoid all this, Gwenaelle has equipped her son with a “3310”, a very basic laptop: “He can only make calls or, at best, send SMS”. Her use is strictly limited to her school trips: “It is impossible for her to communicate with her friends. She is forbidden to use it at night and on weekends.” If the schoolboy has already expressed his desire to acquire something better, she Gwenaelle assures him: “He will have to be satisfied with that, at least, for the next two years!”.

Children on their cell phones.

Children on their cell phones.

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