Taxes: This important and little known box deprives you of an exemption, it is very important!

Although the tax authorities no longer provide statistics, omissions still number in the millions. In fact, 3 years ago, 8 million tax households I had lost money. For good reason, they forgot to waive flat-rate taxes on savings income.

Taxes: the object of the 2OP box

In 2019, all tax households lost money for forgetting to check the box “2OP”. a box that is appeared the same year. East average loss of 7 euros seems insignificant. However, for more than 1.6 million householdsoverpayment of income tax reached 50 euros, or even more.

What is the purpose of this famous 2OP cell? Give up the single tax. It is a flat tax rate on interest and other savings earnings. As the 12.8% income tax +17.2% in social security contributions. A tax rate that was introduced at the start of Macron’s first five-year term.

12.8% represent very advantageous flat-rate taxes since it is low. However, if you don’t pay taxes, it’s dangerous. That being the case, we are all subject to this 12% single tax.

The bank or insurance company discounts it at the source, before you did not touch your interests. Do you want to waive the IETU and demand the classic scale (0% for non-taxable subjects)? In this case, you must check box 2OP of the annual personal income tax return.

Significant improvements, but not enough

In 2020, PS MP Valérie Rabault extracted these detailed statistics from Bercy. Since then, there is no more news about the forgotten 2OP. Nevertheless, the problem is not solved.

We are not talking about that, because the General Directorate of Public Finance has made improvements during the declaration. Not inconsiderable improvements that have been made little by little so as not to be forgotten. For 2 years, he has been receiving a message. at the end of the inline statement.

This is to let you know if you are interested in check the 2OP box. Once this option is checked, the following year, the box is pre-checked. Also, those who forgot to bookmark it in 2019 were even able to claim their money. However, these improvements are not enough.

At least not at all. It is by cross-checking all available statistics that we can come to this conclusion. Bercy no longer quantifies the households that forget the 2OP box. This is not the case with the DGFiP, which is transparent about the number of boxes that are checked each year.

Omissions due to ignorance

Questioned by MoneyVox, the DGFiP issued its verdict. In fact, according to the latter, for the establishment, in 2019, there were 881,000 marked. 1.27 million boxes in 2020 and 2021, 1.55 million boxes.

We can see that there is real progress. However, this is still far from the 8 million households that would have benefited from checking in 2019. At the time, the statement was special due to the blank year of income.

This has most likely reduced the number of households interested in checking this box. Since Bercy does not provide statistics, it remains impossible to prove. We can only estimate a few million the number of non-taxable households forgetting to check this box due to ignorance.

As a result, they lose a few euros, or even tens of euros in some cases. Small illustration for understanding. Since 2020, automatic filing has made your life easier if you don’t have traditional income to report.

Now, this automatic declaration affects more than 10 million households each year. Of these 10 million households, at least 1.8 million pay flat rateX. This according to DGFiP statistics. Many of these 1.8 million households are necessarily exempt from taxes.

This gives them interest in checking the 2OP box. Alone, in 2020, among those 1.8 million, only 24 households checked the famous box. This may be because some taxpayers “oneself” They have missed the mark.

Taxes: you can change course

Now that you’ve read this Articleyou tell yourself that you should have checked the 2OP box. That said, keep in mind that it is still possible to rectify the situation. How ? Well, all you have to do is connect to the government’s tax website. Once you have logged in, click “correct my statement online”.

so check your statement, because this tool is only available until mid-December. Until then, you can rectify your errors and omissions, but also claim credits or other forgotten reductions. So, did you forget to claim a tax benefit? The tax collector, without penalty, edit a revised and corrected tax notice. He will return it to you.

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