Stellantis is more generous than Renault in cost-of-living bonuses

Stellantis will pay an additional €1,400 on average in October to most of its French employees. This is what emerges from the last meeting of social negotiations, this Tuesday. Renault had offered bonuses totaling more than 1,000 euros on Friday.

Stellantis was said to be much more stingy than . But ultimately, Stellantis will pay an extra €1,400 on average in October to most of its French employees. This is what resulted from the last meeting of social negotiations, this Tuesday, September 27. And this, to face dear life. The group born from the merger at the beginning of 2021 of PSA and FCA (Fiat Chrysler) more precisely grants 1,000 euros of “value sharing bonus” to its employees who earn up to twice the minimum wage, that is, 60% of Template. Those who earn more than double the minimum wage will receive 500 euros. All employees will be able to monetize up to 3 days of RTT, or 400 euros on average for a worker and 600 for a manager. Before Tuesday’s meeting, strikes had multiplied in the French factories of Hordain, Douvrin or Valenciennes.

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For their part, the bonuses add up to more than 1,000 euros for most of them. At the end of several weeks of negotiations between the unions and management, the latter offered 500 euros as a “purchasing power support” bonus to all employees, including temporary workers. To this was added the possibility, also, of monetizing up to three days of RTT with a 25% increase, a transport voucher of 100 euros and free medical insurance for three years. FO shop steward Mariette Rih welcomed a management approach, which “for us ticks all the boxes.”

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The Stellantis unions are much less enthusiastic. Management also proposed to the unions on Tuesday an agreement on early release of participation and profit sharing, as well as mandatory annual negotiations (NAO) that would start in December for the following year. Last February, the NAO 2022 ended with a global salary increase of 3.2%. The unions, however, refused to sign c[…]


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