She naps with her chihuahua, he sends her to the hospital in a disgusting way

Take a nap with your pet, seems innocuous enough, especially for those who have made this practice a way of life. Amanda Gomma, a 51-year-old British mother, had also taken to the habit, especially with her daughter’s adorable chihuaha, Belle, when a potentially tragic accident derailed one of her daily naps.

She was sleeping with her mouth open when the chihuaha had “terrible diarrhea”… on her face!

Lying against her puppy, the latter suddenly seized violent diarrhoea, while the mother of the family slept with her mouth open, which had the consequence that excrement entered her inadvertently. Although she ran to the bathroom, showered, and rinsed her mouth, Amanda couldn’t shake the terrible feeling. “That was gross. she explained to the DailyMail, and ran wildly for hours afterward, just couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth.” Meanwhile, Belle was taken to the vet and prescribed antibiotics due to a “nasty stomach bug.”

The misfortune might have ended there, if later in the day Amanda herself had not had symptoms similar to those experienced by her dog. Called, the paramedics then prescribed painkillers (…)

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