School bus drivers are missing (and parents are fighting back)

TRANSPORT – According to the Nîmes agglomeration, which offered training to about sixty candidates, 300 children are affected by this shortage

Following labor shortages in hospitality and in viticulture, it is the transport sector that struggles to recruit. Almost everywhere in France, companies are struggling, in particular, to find promoters of bus school. This is the case in Nimes (Guard). According to the agglomeration, of the approximately 15,000 students who arrive each day at their establishments with a Tango bus, about 300 of them are “affected by this shortage of drivers, which particularly affects the suburban and rural lines that serve the Bouillargues schools”. Clarensac and Margaritas”.

“As soon as a driver is missing, either the services that must be carried out on a certain line are maintained thanks to the modulation of schedules if possible, or they are ‘downgraded’, that is, they are partially provided by other drivers present, or they are eliminated because no other driver can be assigned”, indicates the community. There are 11 drivers missing “to fully provide the planned service”.

For kids (and their parents), when traffic is interrupted, it’s a huge hassle. Nathalie, mother of a high school student, is “obviously” angry. Especially, she tells her, she “is never warned” in advance. These (…) Read more in 20 minutes

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