Scammers use a funny method to attack an ATM

This is unheard of according to the researchers. as reported France 3 Great Eastthugs have used a clever and innovative technique to attack a ticket distributor at Reims on the Marne. His theft took place on May 2, but it is only revealed today. Four men used a drone to break into a technical room next to an ATM. In fact, they have infiltrated through a vent located outside, which leads to the room. The space is obviously too small for a human being, but large enough to introduce a buzz.

So the method is simple: the drone enters, films the interior and gives an overview to the thieves. Using a metal bar, they manage to press the button on the front door and open it. They just have to go inside and then find themselves in front of the safe full of bills. They must use a secret code (which they had in their possession) to unlock it. They then walk away with an estimated 150,000 euros loot, without worrying. According to our colleagues, these unmasked criminals took less than ten minutes to carry out their operation.

“It happened in the afternoon, without anyone having been masked or made up in a particular way,” Matthieu Bourrette, Reims prosecutor, confirmed on September 25. Before adding: “This attack on an ATM took place under fair conditions (…)

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