“Rudi García killed the little one”, Juninho returns to the Guimaraes case

RMC Sport consultant Juninho expressed his discontent with some Ligue 1 coaches on Thursday at Rothen lights up at RMC. He was not particularly forgiving of his former OL coach, Rudi Garcia, who harshly took over the management of Brazilian midfielder Bruno Guimaraes.

Juninho had things to say this Thursday in rothen lights up in CMR. During a debate on the level of French football with Jérome Rothen and Emmanuel Petit, the former Olympique Lyonnais midfielder and sporting director was not kind to the elite coaches: “It is necessary that the Ligue 1 coaches are improving. You are not “I see a lot of ideas. I don’t see the Ligue 1 coaches sweating, participating… Look at Guardiola. He is the best coach in the world. The guy has something to say in every game, something to add, regardless of the level of the player. “The ideas come from someone who rules the team.”

“Rudi Garcia killed the little guy!”

Juninho did not forgive Rudi García, with whom the collaboration was tense at Olympique Lyonnais. The RMC Sport consultant especially criticizes the former coach of Les Gones for his mismanagement of the Bruno Guimaraes case, a player whom Juni went to look for Athletico Paranaense in January 2020 and who should have taken another dimension: “Rudi García killed the little one. In five months, with his intelligence, he became one of the best players on his team.” The Brazilian midfielder left Lyon to sign for Newcastle in the winter transfer window.

“Young people have a better mentality when they leave”

If Juninho does not forgive the coaches of the French championship, he admits that the level of Ligue 1 had progressed when he returned to the club in the suit of sporting director: “The players have evolved. When I played in Ligue 1, I never gave the goalkeeper a ball back. Today we have to get out of the pressure. Football has changed. We also see small teams trying to play. Not all games are good. But in the other leagues there are also games that are very difficult to watch In the Premier League too . It’s just tackles, intensity, not intelligence.” And Juni to tackle one last tackle. To the youngsters this time: “They have a better mentality when they leave because they know they’re not at home. But when they’re here it’s different,” concludes the Brazilian.

ABr with Rothen turns on

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