Ripple (XRP) and Bitso: A new payment system in Argentina

A Ripple partner, it will offer users in this American country the possibility of paying for their purchases using a QR code and cryptocurrencies such as XRP.

This is a more attractive solution than fiat currency payments, as Bitso will not charge any fees if cryptocurrencies are used.

With more than a million customers in ArgentinaBitso intends to promote the lives of its users while attracting other customers who are looking for cheap ways to use their cryptocurrencies.

#Ripple partner Bitso partnered with Africhange this month for CAD-MEX crypto remittances. Today they have implemented crypto payments in Argentina using Q-codes. #XRP can be used on both, but will it? (In addition, Bitso participates in ODL)

In a country where the inflation rate is close to 80% year-on-year and could reach 100% before the end of 2022, cryptocurrencies are indeed an alternative that is increasingly used by a growing number of Argentines, despite the volatility that also affects them. characterizes. active.

In addition, the Argentines they are already used to using QR codes in their transactions. According to a non-independent survey, 59% of them have already used QR codes and this figure could reach 83% in 2023. Therefore, the implementation of the Bitso solution should not present any major difficulties.

#Bitcoin/Crypto is falling, but in #Argentina it is still a safer bet that the peso #BTC is the only HOPE for developing countries like; #Haiti, #ElSalvador, #CAR to escape economic oppression. If you agree, consider following @Bitcoin_xoe and retweet this.

XRP price is on the rise

Solution launch. bitso in Argentina is not the only good news recorded in recent days by the Ripple ecosystem. The payment company appears to be nearing the end of its lawsuit against the SEC in the United States, as its lawyers filed a motion with the judge to stop the lawsuits. In response, lawyers for the US stock market cop are hoping for a favorable ruling without a trial.

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This information contributed in particular to bringing the token XRP to a four-month high, with the price at $0.47 at the time of writing, down 22.8% over the past week.

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