PSG: Hamraoui has a grudge against the club…

Victim of a violent attack in November 2021 and marginalized by Paris Saint-Germain, Kheira Hamraoui spoke this Friday about this difficult period. Very marked, the French international also has little taste in assigning his number to a teammate.

PSG: Hamraoui has a grudge against the club...

Hamraoui no longer trains with the PSG team.

Assaulted on November 4, 2021 after returning from a cohesion dinner at Paris Saint-Germain, Kheira Hamraoui returned this Friday on BFMTV to this painful experience. During this interview, the midfielder spoke of her dismissal by the capital club, with some bitterness.

K. Hamraoui – double trouble for me

I am in great pain. From one day to the next they told me that I was going to train on my own. Soccer is a team sport and playing with your teammates is what we like the most. I have been training alone on a football field for seven weeks after everything that has happened to me. (…) It may not be part of the sports plans, but I have to train with the team. It’s a double risk for me. I have no words to describe how I feel, it’s so cruel. he told the player, very touched.

According to RMC, Hamraoui was warned after the arrival of new manager Grard Pracheur that she was not part of the club’s plans. Despite her contacts with several foreign teams (Manchester United, Juventus Turin, Tottenham, Parma and AS Roma), the player and her advisers decided to rule out these options. As a result, the former Barcelonan found herself training apart. However, she remains at the disposal of the technician and she could return to the group.

Reassigning your number goes wrong…

Meanwhile, from the stands, the French international witnessed the Parisians win against BK Hcken (2-1) in the Champions League on Wednesday night. An evening that turned out to be very disappointing for her: I saw the game, I was super happy. And when I see, because I didn’t realize right away, that they had given me the number… There, I think the evening has been destroyed. With my experience and my career, I still deserve a little respect, from everyone and especially from my club.

That night, his number 14 was worn by Dutchwoman Jackie Groenen. RMC contact, Paris SG assures that it is a temporary assignment, in homage to the player’s idol: Johan Cruyff. This authorization is only valid for the two matches of the 2nd day of the Champions League. It’s not about the championship. And that in the next phase of the Champions League things can change , we specify within the club. What to calm the match in a very thorny file for PSG.

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