Prince Harry “in panic” and desperate: after having said too much, he is willing to do anything to return

According to Tea SunPrince Harry would be “in a panic“His plans were turned upside down by the death of Elizabeth II on September 8. And there are tens of millions of euros at stake. While the Duke of Sussex’s memoir was expected by the end of 2022, a few days ago, it was rumored that They would be postponed to respect a period of mourning. Finally, the publication could be released on November 24, the date of Thanksgiving in the United States. Bad news for Meghan Markle’s husband who wants to change parts of it.

The one who signed a contract for 35 million pounds sterling (39 million euros) and who would have already received an advance of 19.5 million euros, would panic at the idea that certain passages in the book are judged as “insensitive” after the death of Isabel II and the arrival to the throne of her father Carlos III. Therefore, Harry would have contacted his publisher in hopes of changing some things. The publisher Penguin Random House has already taken a long time to validate the final version of the book, not hesitating to ask the son of the late Diana to make improvements. “The publishers paid $20 million up front because they knew that anything written would be huge for sales. But the first draft they received was disappointing because it was too emotional (…) Finally, the final version was completed and approved and a lot of money and energy was spent to ensure that it comes out this year.said a source. I’m not sure Harry’s application will be successful.

There are things that might not look so good if they are released so soon after the Queen’s death and her father’s coronation. He wants this to change. This is by no means a total rewrite. He desperately wants to make changes. But it may be too latesaid another source.

Waiting to see if Prince Harry can soften certain passages of his work, it is another publication that is being talked about at the moment. excerpts from the book Runners: the hidden power behind the crown du Valentine Low, journalist for the Times and expert on the British monarchy, keep filtering. In these, Meghan Markle is described as a “narcissistic sociopath” and a great manipulator. Another hit for the couple…

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