Persecuted for more than 30 years, the serial killer who engulfed women was behind bars

In the 1990s, the “packet killer” Where “killer pack” has killed four women in total. This serial killer was in Missouri. More than 30 years later, we learned thatattracted its victimssince prostitutes and mothers, in his house. She locked them in the basement and thenis strangle ’em and pack ’em. The body of one of his victims, 18-year-old Robyn Mihan, “was discovered in Lincoln Countyleft on the side of a road, ‘wrapped’ between two mattresses“, reports in his September 21, 2022 article. The body of another victim, 21-year-old Sandy Little, was found on the side of a busy road packed in a wooden case.

Another body had been found in a trash can. It is thanks to advances in DNA technology that this serial killer has been found. DNA analysis identified Gary Muehlberg, a 73-year-old man. turns outhe was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Kenneth”MedicalAtchison since 1993. He is currently incarcerated in Potosí prison, south of St. Louis. These are clues found at the crime scene of Robyn Mihan, one of his victims, who allowed to connect with him.

I couldn’t believe we could find it after more than 30 years.

The “packet killereasily confessed be the author of these murders. “A detective visited Muehlberg in prison this year. The latter was so astonished that he introduced himself (…)

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