our first opinion behind the wheel of the most powerful Kia in history

A time dedicated to the Stinger GT, Kia’s role as a technology demonstrator now rests on the shoulders of the EV6, particularly in the GT version.. Presented several months ago, his technical sheet is impressive. 585 hp, 740 Nm of torque and an announced 0 to 100 km/h in 3.5 s, they are values ​​that are more on the side of supercars and supercars than in a Kia! Certainly, electrical machinery often makes it relatively easy to display figures that make you dizzy, but if you stick to cars in a straight line, the thrill is short-lived. Kia has also been in charge of thoroughly reviewing the chassis of the EV6 GT (but 77.4 kWh battery is identical to the EV6), which can be based on its own components. Beginning with ECS controlled dampers not available on the other versions.

impressive efficiency

With great confidence, the Korean brand invited us to the famous Col de Turini, in the south of France, the mecca of the Monte Carlo rally. More unusual still, the road was even closed on a section of a few kilometers so that we could fully test the car’s capabilities! The first climb, made in Sport mode, is already delicious. In tight corners, the GT shows precision and balance light years from the classic EV6, its chassis working efficiently on the not always perfect bitumen of the special. The car never seems to fall apart and, this is all the more surprising considering the advertised 2,200kg and the absence of rear wheels, the agility is fully at the rendezvous in the winding. A behavior surely favored by the fact that the rear engine is much more powerful than the front (367 CV compared to 218) and that a electronically controlled limited slip differential It is responsible for distributing the best possible power between the rear wheels. Of course, you have to anticipate braking because inertia will quickly bring you on board if you are overly optimistic, but there is reason to rejoice in having such a rigorous chassis in a car that you don’t necessarily have. waiting around the corner. Especially given the phlegm of the “non-GT” EV6!

an incredible hit

During the descent to get to the start of the second race, switching the car to Normal mode highlights a superior damping quality to the passive suspension of the EV6, to the point where comfort progresses despite a significantly stiffer chassis. Small bumps are well absorbed and there is a little less parasitic movement, despite large 21-inch wheels imposed and a fairly aggressive tire profile (255/40 ZR21). which are also excellent Michelin Pilot Sport 4S delivered as standard, which come to life during the second climb at a dizzying pace. Engine set to Sport + via individual mode to keep damping a bit lower, in Sport – gets too stiff in Sport +, we understand how quick the Kia is. Turns are ballistic and we are surprised to pass with great force in the curves, forgetting in fact the imposing size of the car (4.70 m long and 1.89 m wide all the same!) which is placed to the millimeter. We also commend Kia’s effort to equip his GT with wrap-around bucket seats that effectively keepwhile the rest of the cabin is modeled after the classic EV6, leaving aside the upholstery.

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A little taste to return

Despite this good first impression, however, we will need to be able to do more than two short sessions with an instructor pilot to give you a more complete opinion. in this intrepid Korean. This is to confirm its qualities and defects, as for which we can already talk about brakes with a larger diameter (380 mm at the front and 360 mm at the rear) which do not lack bite, but which we would like to pedal. it is firmer. The direction for its part seemed a bit too geared in the hairpins of the special rally and a sin of greed when it comes to information feedback. Therefore, it is cited for further discovery of this EV6 GT, promising at first sight for the benefits it exudes for €72,990 all inclusivesince there is only one optional pack of €1,400, which includes the heat pump and bidirectional charging to power external devices by consuming the battery.

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