Open an investigation for deception and unintentional injuries

complications – About forty women, aged 40 to 80, signed two complaints against X (in 2020, then in 2021) for events ranging from 1995 to 2019

The same efforts of “tearing up inside”, the same feeling of having been cheated and then abandoned. Subject to serious side effects from the placement of vaginal implants, around forty patients obtained the opening of a pollin Paris, considering that they had not been informed of the risks of irreversible complications.

tissue-embedded implants

In December 2019, Catherine M. leaves a operation thirty minutes with a strip, a small polypropylene net installed under the urethra, which was supposed to solve his stress urinary incontinence. The implant had been presented as the “ideal solution, on an outpatient basis”, says this fifty-year-old professor, during a meeting with other plaintiffs assisted by his lawyers Laure Heinich, Hélène Patte, Dorothée Bisaccia-Bernstein and Amandine Sbidian. . “I’ve always trusted doctors,” he says bitterly. However, very quickly, his state of health deteriorated: a sharp “electric pain” in the pelvis and left hip, “as if torn, radiating to the foot”.

Impossible to sit, have sex life, walk. She followed a sick leave of six (…) Read more in 20 minutes

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