OM really changed his tone with his followers

OM He has decided to change his method, regarding the outbursts of his followers. Several fans have been suspended from subscriptions in recent days following the incidents against Frankfurt.

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Banned a few days ago by UEFAOM will play their next game behind closed doors against Sporting, in the Champions League. The North Bend of the Orange Vélodrome stadium will also be closed due to the arrival of Tottenham on the 1Ahem november. The punishment follows the very serious incidents that occurred during the reception in Frankfurt. Fans from both sides had launched projectiles, smoke bombs and explosive rockets from one stand to another, wreaking havoc despite the best efforts of the authorities.

Suspended subscriptions of 17 followers

Given the importance and multiplication of excesses, OM decided to take action. According to information transmitted by the journalist Hugo Amelin, the investigation related to the events of the match against Frankfurt resulted in heavy sanctions: 17 fans were suspended from membership for two years by the club for possession of smoke bombs and stone from the opposing bus.

Some Marseille supporters also regret being penalized for the behavior of a handful: “The Champions League is over for us. For a few dozen, hundreds of people involved in these degradations”one of them confided to the journalist from RTL. Meanwhile, the German fan seriously injured by a rocket has been repatriated to Germany. His ITT must reach 80 or 90 days, Hugo Amelin also specifies.

Incidents multiply again this start of the season, despite the reflections made during the summer and the decisions made by the LFP. Apparently OM has gotten it into their heads to clean up a lot. It remains to be seen whether the operation will be carried out with the approval of sympathetic groups or not. If this is not the case, a new confrontation with the associations could take place in the coming weeks. The previous one had resulted in the departure of Jacques-Henri Eyraud…

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