Ollé-Nicolle claims to have been “thrown to the ground” in the Hamraoui-Diallo affair

Coach of Kheira Hamraoui and Aminata Diallo last season, Didier Ollé-Nicolle returned to the matter that contaminated the PSG women after the attack on the midfielder. The coach describes the tense relationship between the two players, who “hated each other”.

Didier Ollé-Nicolle delivers his four truths. In a journalistic interview The team, the former PSG coach, not only spoke about the suspicions of sexual assault against him, but also evokes for the first time the assault suffered by Kheira Hamraoui. According to him, the matter was managed quite well by the club, although everything “has not been easy” in recent months, especially between the midfielder and her partner Aminata Diallo, imprisoned and then released under judicial control.

“I felt they hated each other”

“I don’t want to pass judgment because there was a judicial investigation and we couldn’t know what was going to happen. I made the decision, at that moment, to train Hamraoui and (Aminate) Diallo alone for a week. Then together the second week. Seven terrible days because the two girls did not speak to each other. I felt they hated each other. One, more than the other… And in the third week, I decided to reintegrate them into the group, hoping that the winter holidays would allow everyone to start from scratch. Even the shock endured. I’m still very proud of not having given in to pressure from certain players and of having always played with Hamraoui, who deserved his place on the pitch. In my mind, it was very clear: with Kheira, Grace Geyoro and Sara Däbritz, we had the best midfielder in France.”

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“I was used, instrumentalized”

Considered a “collateral victim” of the Hamraoui affair, the former PSG coach, dismissed in May, had a very bad experience due to the numerous criticisms he received. “I had great suspicions. Then I told the girls for eight months that there was justice, an investigation and that we had to wait. Crying injustice, madness. But we are not audible at the moment. The idea was to wait for the investigation to progress. I went used, instrumentalized, even. A collateral victim of the Hamraoui affair. In relation to my choices, my operation… At that time, I was in contact with five internationals, including two French women, to sign for PSG this season. But there was this adversity in the environment at that time. against Hamraoui. I felt it was embarrassing for the continuation of certain personal projects. There were players at the end of the contract, in negotiations and I had my ideas in relation to that.

Guest of BFMTV this Friday, Kheira Hamraoui had confided her doubts about the alleged perpetrators of her attack on November 4, 2021. “When I saw this surprising media clique against me, I understood that there was something suspicious, confesses the Parisian media. She couldn’t go from victim to culprit overnight. Do not forget that I was beaten by hooded men with iron bars and, a week later, they made me look guilty. When we move forward, we tell ourselves that there are things that are not clear and that is what I wanted to understand.”

Accused and imprisoned, Aminata Diallo was finally released under judicial control. “Devastated”, according to her lawyer, she is suspected of having ordered the attack and of having carried out a smear campaign against her PSG partner. Charges defended by Master Mourad Battikh. “There is no material element that allows Aminata Diallo to post the aggression suffered by Kheira Hamraoui,” she declared on BFMTV. There is no material element that allows us to say that “she made a phone call, that she was in contact.” with the attackers. Given this lack of material evidence, I say that she has nothing to do.”

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