“Not resentful of what happened (in La Rochelle)”

After Clermont’s victory against La Rochelle (22-13), in which he actively participated, Jules Plisson returned to his team’s performance, but also to his difficult experience in La Rochelle last year, who was dismissed from Ronan’s band O’Gara.

Jules Plisson (starting for Clermont, fallera of La Rochelle) :: “At no time did I worry after my two failed conversions, on the contrary. We are satisfied because we know La Rochelle and its carriers, they are strong front and rear. We knew that if we exposed ourselves too much on our pitch, or gave them balls too easy, we were going to get penalties and mauls. So we chose a fairly simple strategy, hit far and wait for them to make a mistake, for us to make a big line and hunt hard. We fulfilled our mission well and the forwards were very good.

I don’t know which team will beat La Rochelle away from home, I think they will take a lot of points! In-game, for us, it’s far from perfect, but in mood we’re starting to get it right. What if I showed something to someone? No… you can say his name! The answer was there! But I am not resentful for what happened, these are the things in life, when you are an athlete there are ups and downs.

Jules Plisson

“When you are a goalscorer and you have a guy behind you who only expects one thing, that you fail, and then he destroys you all day, it is complicated”

In La Rochelle things were going very well, I played a lot and then I played much less. Then things happened with… Well… with certain people. With one person, it went wrong. They put me in the closet, that’s right, that’s life. And if I start to think about it, I don’t enjoy playing rugby anymore! There, I enjoyed writing. In fact, it’s very simple: when you’re a scorer and you have a guy behind you who only expects one thing, that you let him down, then he destroys you all day, it’s difficult later, on the pitch, to be confident. When you have a guy behind you trying to push you to perform and do your best, it’s easier. I think that’s what I’ve managed to find here so far. »

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