No, the “Belgian model” that Emmanuel Macron wants does not encourage excesses

END OF LIFE – The law on euthanasia in Belgium makes it possible to ensure the will of the patient, his capacity for discernment and the relevance of his choice with regard to his state of health

a law about euthanasia by 2023? In early September, the president, immanuel macronannounced that he wanted reopen the debate on “active assistance in dying”, through a consultation with citizens. And by relaunching this delicate topic, Emmanuel Macron confessed his predilection for the “Belgian model”.

An announcement that caused a lot of reaction. asked by BFM-TV In this regard, Marion Maréchal, vice president of Reconquête, expressed her concern about the limits that can be imposed on this network: “You know when it starts, you don’t know when it ends. […] In Belgium, it is about one in 40 deaths that is affected by euthanasia, a far cry from the exceptional situations that we are faced with today and it is only increasing. […]. »

According to former deputy vaucluse, the practice, which initially only affected patients “who had no prospect of redemption”, would now be extended to people suffering from a series of psychological pathologies, including depression, but also autism, people with multiple pathologies , “therefore pathologies that are not fatal”. Marion Maréchal added that euthanized(…) Read more in 20 minutes

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