Near Le Havre, strike at ExxonMobil: “Discontent has increased since June”, responds the management

A man was arrested on Thursday, October 21 at ExxonMobil, after being locked in a locker room.  He was making disturbing comments.
Since Tuesday, September 20, 2022, a major strike has been taking place at ExxonMobil, in Port-Jérôme-sur-Seine. (©76news/Files)

Seeking Strike It is decided each turn. “And this morning the vote was mainly for continuity in the two oil and chemical sectors,” he says. Pierre Antoine Augerunion delegate FO, in exxonmobile a Port Jerome-sur-Seine (Seine Maritime), interviewed by 76news, Thursday, September 22. On Tuesday, September 20, 2022, a strike began in this company with around 1,900 employees.

A grassroots movement

For the trade unionist, the movement started from the base. “Some sectors went on strike in the middle of the afternoon on Tuesday, when the salary negotiation meeting was taking place. Pierre-Antoine Auger was present at this meeting, at the Paris headquarters. “The atmosphere is tense in the company since last June. This explains why the two unions CGT and FO, although they obviously agree with this strike, are not the ones who called it.

At the end of June, the employees demanded, in view of ExxonMobil’s results in the first half (409 million euros in profit) and also the expected inflation, a bonus before the holidays but the management refused. He proposed bringing forward salary negotiations from December to September. They took place on Tuesday the 20th, but that does not change anything because the entry into force of the proposed agreement will be on January 1, 2023.

a balance of power

According to the trade unionist, “the management is proposing a general wage increase well below inflation from 2022-2023 in advance. Given the results of the first semester and those announced for the second, the employees consider that this is very insufficient. »

Wednesday September 21, “Management told us it would not budge. The employees themselves are reassembled. All chemical and oil sectors are affected. The closure of the petrochemical platform is in progress. And to support: “For security reasons, taking people on the site, this Thursday morning, the searches that are normally done in a friendly way in these cases had to be attended by the prefecture. »

“We think we have made a good salary offer”

joined by 76news, ExxonMobil management confirms that it has no intention of reopening negotiations. “The strike movement that began on the 20th as a result of salary negotiations that took place that same day. On average, we have 50% of our staff in operations who have gone on strike. Therefore, we have started operations to close the platform site: refinery and petrochemical. The management believes that it has made “a good proposal”. And to specify, “a 6.5% average increase in salary and a bonus of 3,000 euros. “If the dialogue with the staff representatives continues, the negotiations for management are closed,” and the management proposal remains in effect until Monday.

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