Nathalie’s attitude irritates Internet users

This Monday, September 26, Nathalie's behavior in

This Monday, September 26, Nathalie’s behavior in “Love is in the meadow” irritated Internet users. screenshot M6

This Monday, September 26, M6 broadcast episode 6 of season 17 of “Love is in the meadow”. A sequence about Jean and her two suitors of hers upset netizens. For some, Nathalie’s behavior is “unbearable”.

fans of “Love is in the air“We look forward to every Monday night. Season 17 is back on M6, and the viewers are once again on the date. The farmers’ budding love stories spark passions and their sincerity is often hailed by the French. At a time when many reality shows are scripted, “Love is in the air” brings a touch of freshness to the world of television. In addition, this Monday, September 26, the followers of this dating program uncovered episode 6, hosted by Karine Le Marchand. And the least we can say is that the latter impressed them.

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As promised by M6, this new episode of “Love Is in the Meadow” was rich in twists and turns. It must be said that the tensions have reached their climax, especially between Nathalie and Laurence. The two women were really in love with Jean. The 58-year-old farmer decided to take part in the M6 ​​show to find true love. And if during speed dating, the two suitors’ crush on him was not mutual, he was still sure of the choice for him. Nathalie and Laurence, two women of explosive character, could settle in his estate for a few days.

“Nathalie is obnoxious”

The first days of coexistence did not go according to plan and the tensions were palpable. It must be said that one of the participants has prevailed more than her rival. And from the point of view of Internet users, the very “authoritarian” side of Nathalie was not unanimous. This sixth episode opened with the trio preparing food. And very quickly, Jean’s competitor wanted to take control of her while she “put down” her competitor. Internet users then expressed their annoyance on the social network to the blue bird. For them, Nathalie is “unpleasant” and even “unbearable”. Even a Twitto made an allusion to chef Philippe Etchebest and “Nightmare in the kitchen”.

“It is in Koh-Lanta that I should have participated”

And this sequence almost becomes “the national drama”, as some netizens have pointed out. The two women did not agree on cooking the rice… The tone went up a notch, but in the end, by putting a little water in the pressure cooker, Nathalie “saved dinner”. A scene that almost makes the Twittos die of laughter. For them, the candidate of “Love is in the meadow” did the wrong program, she should have participated in “Koh-Lanta”.

“It’s so abused”

Another sequence about the trio also gave a lot to talk about on Twitter. It must be said that Jean made a small mistake that did not go unnoticed. While she was going to introduce her two suitors to her relatives, she forgot Laurence’s first name… And she told him clearly. For Internet users, this behavior is far from being gentlemanly, especially since the two women have already spent several days at his house.

Finally, between Laurence and Nathalie, Jean made her choice. Furthermore, the farmer did not hesitate to languidly kiss Laurence in front of her rival…

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