motorists fined twice in a few minutes!

Be brightness twice in one, four or seven minutes apart, this is the nightmare experienced in August by motorists seen by Radars-Auto, Thursday, September 22. The cause of radar cars of private companies, which would now be in half of the French departments, and which would make cars shine at full speed on several occasions. According to Alexandra Legendre, a spokeswoman for the Drivers’ Defense League, there will be 400 of them on the roads by the end of the year, to reach the figure of 450 in the long term. However, some would take the same routes and follow each other within a few minutes of each other, even if it means repeatedly flashing the same motorists who don’t respect the speed limits.

Our colleagues thus point to the case of this driver, reported for speeding less than 20 km/h, who received two fines: one for having been penalized at 5:50 p.m. on the D948 in Deux-Sèvres, the other at 5:51 p.m. on the same road, 1.5 kilometers further on. Same story for a flash vehicle, this time 4 minutes apart and 6 kilometers away, in Vienne, which received two VPs. Another car was fined in Indre-et-Loire twice, 7 minutes apart. According to our colleagues, there are four different companies that circulate this type of vehicle on the roads of France. In the cases described, the radar cars belonging to the same company circulated about (…)

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