MotoGP, Aprilia apologizes to Espargaró: “An unforgivable mistake”

During the MotoGP weekend in Japan, an error in the Aprilia pits ruined the race and interrupted Aleix Espargaró’s fight for the world title.

By luigi camburo of Corsedimoto

The two Aprilia stars did not shine during the MotoGP weekend in Japan, where Maverick Vinales He finished seventh and Aleix Espargaro 16th after a start from the pit lane caused by an electronic problem. The “Eco” mapping observed during the warm-up lap by the RS-GP rider third in the championship forced him to return to the pits to get on the reserve bike, with a soft tire instead of a medium one. With the ‘zero’ in the Twin Ring, Aleix flies to Thailand with a difference of 25 points in the classification over the leader fabio quartararoand a lot of bitterness.

The eldest of the brothers Espargaro He had to start from the second row and had excellent pace to aim for the podium. This could have been an opportunity to gobble up ground in the standings and get closer to Quartararo Y bagnaia, but an engineer’s mistake complicates the race for the MotoGP title. ” We made an unforgivable mistake – admits the executive director. Massimo Rivola-. ” Normally we say always look ahead, but you have to sit down, look at the mistake that has been made. We can all make mistakes, but we need to implement a more bomb-proof procedure and maybe even make things simpler. Sometimes we are too sophisticated in certain situations.… Looking at the results of our competitors, we missed a great opportunity. We know what the problem is we have to make the procedure safer and now we have to motivate Aleix to try to win in Thailand “.

Aleix Espargaro, Aprilia Racing

aprilia: ” we all make mistakes, but some mistakes cost you the title »

Four races to go aprilia racing he has no choice but to focus on the Buriram podium. The result of the Thai round could prove decisive or fatal to maintain the hopes of the championship. Nothing to complain about the work of the Venetian team and its best driver Aleix Espargaro, but losing points for a distraction is hard to stomach. ” Aleix could have recovered many points said Maverick Vinales in’. If I were in his place, I would be very angry., Sure. You can’t make these mistakes if you’re fighting for a title. Sure, the mistake is understandable, because we all make mistakes, but some mistakes cost you the title. “.

For the record, Aleix does not blame the technician on his team responsible for the error. When he apologized saying it was his fault, the Granollers driver hugged him. ” Now it gets difficult, but you have to try to win a race. It’s the only option left for me.” he said. “Fabio is one race ahead of me and there are four left. I have to win, in Thailand or Australia and Malaysia. If I don’t win or if I don’t always get on the podium, it will be impossible. “.

The understanding is maximum for each member of the team, but a lot of bitterness remains for the wasted opportunity. ” What hurts me the most is having lost an opportunity to win after seeing the race that others have made “, has added Aleix Espargaro. With no time for regrets, on Friday the track takes back its rights: ” I don’t care about the championship, I just want to win in Thailand. That’s all I have in mind at the moment. Alex ends.

MotoGP Massimo Rivola

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