Miss Brittany 2022: Enora Moal’s dream [Vidéo]

Supervised by Diane Leyre, Miss France 2022, and Sarah ConanMiss Brittany 2021, Enora Moal shines, this Friday, September 23, on the stage of the Océanis room, in Ploemeur (56). She has just won, much to her astonishment, the crown of Miss Britain 2022 which 15 other young women coveted

“I’m surprised because I didn’t necessarily expect to have this scarf,” confesses the new lady, still excited. She also says how happy she is and how proud she is to now represent the Brittany region in the Miss France election. Appointment made: it will be in Châteauroux in December. This election is also “a lot of pressure.” She is more, just chosen, that she is already taken by the hand by the Miss France committee for the continuation of an adventure of which she explains that she knows nothing. “We have a Miss France preparation in Guadeloupe, but I didn’t really find out about it.” A certainty: for Guipavasienne, 20, a third-year medical imaging student (IMRT), a new adventure begins.

Who among Marjorie Le Guen and Enora Moal will be Miss Britain 2022?
Who out of Marjorie Le Guen and Enora Moal will be elected Miss Brittany 2022? (The Telegram/Stéphane Guiheneuf)

Stress, excitement and excitement

This Friday night, after a series of paintings that in turn evoked Paris, Africa and Egypt, and presentations made before 900 people and a jury chaired by Ronan Loas, mayor of Ploemeur, the young women returned to the stage for the final count. . Cinderella time is coming, there are only two left, two Finisterians, in the race. Face to face, Marjorie Le Guen and Enora Moal do not take their eyes off each other, they shake hands, while Diane Leyre, Miss France 2022, uncovers the envelope containing the number of the lucky one. Stress and excitement mingle before excitement invades the Guipavasienne. Everything goes very fast: Diane Leyre passes the scarf around her waist before crowning her. In the crowd, Isabelle and Franck, her parents, overwhelmed with joy, do not miss a beat.

Enora Moal, Miss Brittany 2022 with her parents, Isabelle and Franck.
Enora Moal, Miss Brittany 2022 with her parents, Franck and Isabelle. (The Telegram/Stéphane Guiheneuf)

past experience

“I did not expect to be chosen. I thought maybe he would have a scarf this year since he had participated last year. But having this scarf, I really didn’t expect it,” says the new Miss Brittany. The young woman knew how to take advantage of past experience. “I had more confidence in myself, more self-assurance. To know how you are doing, to know what you want in terms of hair, makeup…”. Small details that ultimately made the difference.


Marjorie Le Guen (Bohars) is first runner-up; Jessica La Corte (Combourg), second runner-up; Maëlyse Auzenou (Porcaro), third finalist, and Nolwenn Le Port (Auray), fourth finalist.

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