Mercato Mercato – OM: After his transfer, Boubacar Kamara lost everything

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Mercato – OM: After his transfer, Kamara lost everything

Posted on September 23, 2022 at 00:30 by The newsroom

Having released OM from any contract, Boubacar Kamara later joined Aston Villa. A career choice that has been highly criticized and here is the worst case scenario. In fact, leaving Canebière, the midfielder sees the most important matches slip away. After giving up the Champions League with OM, now it’s the World Cup with the France team that keeps Kamara away…

The summer will have been eventful for Boubacar Kamara. As OM tried to extend the midfielder, he finally came up freely Aston-Villa Y steven gerard greatly contributed to this transfer. But this change of environment will have had consequences in the season of the former Marseillais.

Kamara misses the Champions League

14 of first league last season, Aston-Villa therefore, do not participate in the Champions LeagueUnlikeOM. Boubacar Kamara thus losing the opportunity to compete again in a European competition and gain experience. But the player has experienced new hard blows in recent days with the villains.

Kamara misses the Blues reunion

Initially not called to the list didier deschamps for the last meeting of theFrance team prior to world Cup, Boubacar Kamara he was eventually called up by the coach to replace Adrian Rabiot, hurt. Bad luck, the midfielder is injured in turn with Aston-Villaa few hours after his call for the match against Southampton. A great blow for the former player of theOMthat could be lost by Qatar.

Could miss the World Cup in Qatar

Out due to injury in the last game with Aston-Villa, Boubacar Kamara therefore, the last meeting of theFrance team. and how heCREWthe former player ofOM could also be missing world Cup since he would suffer a major sprain in his right knee. An injury that should keep him away from the courts for at least 2 months…

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