Mastercard and Hi app launch their customizable NFT payment cards!

More and more companies are interested in NFTs. In fact, we have seen companies like Meta, Twitter, Spotify or even Visa who invest in this universe. For example, Visa had invested in the CryptoPunks collection with the purchase of one of its NFTs for the astronomical sum of $150,000 in the year 2021.

Now it’s the turn of Mastercard and Hi app to invest in NFT development through customizable payment cards. But then, what are the different collections of NFTs with which we can personalize our payment cards? Here are more details about this good news in this blog post.

The different charges that can now appear on your payment cards

As explained above, Mastercard and the Hi app now allow you to customize your payment cards with famous NFT collections. But what are they? Here is the list of NFT charges currently taken into account by Mastercard and the Hi app:

However, only the gold account users you will be able to access this customization. As a reminder, Hi cards allow you to spend your cryptocurrencies at all merchants that accept the Mastercard payment method.

Vice President of Crypto and Fintech at Mastercard Christian Rau says: “As consumer interest in cryptocurrencies and NFTs grows, we are committed to making them an accessible payment option for the communities that want to use them. We are proud to work with Hi to continue to drive innovation in the marketplace and enable these customizable cards with the security you expect from Mastercard.”

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